Today I was asked to explain how I was unique. Me? Unique? Isn’t everybody?

I was born with a head of strong red hair, which made me unique among all of my friends. Sunblock was my bff. I had to be the yellow power ranger solely because the other girl always looked more like the pink. I was one of five awesome, awesome kids. My parents were insanely awesome too. I had the best childhood. I was pushed beyond my boundaries with bullying, but I had people there to explain how excellent it is to be different. As a kid, your peers reject different. Until you meet those people that are smart enough to know how important it is to be unique in a world full of copycats.

I was lucky to be born me. I was so lucky to learn how important it was to be me. I was even more lucky when I realized that being me, could take me to anywhere that I would like to be.

I like the color jade. I just recently parted my hair in the middle. I listen so that you’ll hear me when I speak. I don’t know where I’ll be in ten years, but I’ll be there.

I’m unique. We all are.


One thought on “Unique

  1. Always remember that you are unique – just like everyone else….author unknown | Sally Gilchrest-Unrau...So You Wanna Be A Writer (quotes, smiles, weird thoughts)

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